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Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #5

I just got a letter from a friend. As soon as I saw it in the mailbox I felt a stab of fear. Wonder what I did wrong.

Lets see what it says: “Thank you Ken for your encouraging notes of love and appreciation. I am thankful to be your friend”

Yeah, but what was he really thinking?


Last week I was running down the sidewalk near my house (no, it’s not what you think. I was not running from anything or anyone. I was just jogging, innocently jogging) when I spied a cat directly in my intended pathway. He (she?) pretended not to notice me but I knew better so I ran out into the middle of the street to avoid the very real danger to life and limb.

Thought bubble:

As I sprinted past my nemesis, pace quickening and slackening in inverse proportion with the distance from claw and fang, I wondered about the statistics concerning domestic cat attacks on joggers nationwide in, say, the last decade. I don’t have those stats in front of me right at this moment but I’ll bet the carnage is enormous. We are a nation besieged man-eating predators

I read someplace that people who have been sexually abused often are laden with irrational fears. I think that’s psychological clap-trap. Suck it up. Get over it, I always say. “Perfect love casts out fear…You have not been given the spirit of fear…” Catch my drift?

Oddly, though, I do have a slight fear of water. It rarely impacts my life, except, of course, when I’m near a lake, river, fountain, or the ocean. Actually any body of water more than a foot across.

Or in the shower.

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