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Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #2

I’m afraid that you, or anyone else for that matter, won’t like me.

Caterpillars, grubs, worms, maggots, you know, evil vermin; absolutely frightening, disgusting as well. Deborah has a worm farm, or rather, worm ranch. Perhaps the largest such spread in North Portland. I looked into their box (pasture? range? corral?) one day as she was feeding them (yes, she actually wants them to grow and multiply! Don’t tell a soul, but she talks to those things ,too).  My God, they have no eyes…and they…they…wiggle. I think I’m going to be sick…

And so he walked me back and forth, me dog paddling, nose and mouth barely above the waterline, in water that was just up to his waist. Along about dusk I noticed that he was pressing his groin against the side of my body. It gradually seeped into my consciousness that he had an erection. At age 8 I was extremely naïve but I knew something was up (forgive the pun) and that it wasn’t good. I was terrified and sickened and ashamed…

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  1. DonnaV wrote:

    Thank you.I know it’s hard for you to imagine, but you inspire me. I hate your pain, I hate your fears, yet when you share them I know I’m not alone… so yes, thank you.
    I think Chucks worms might have died last week when he was out of town and it got so cold… I don’t feel remorseful and am probably hell bound.

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

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