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Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #1

Let’s see now, where were we? Oh, yeah, I remember… I said that I am afraid of almost everything. That’s an accurate portrayal of my internal mental circuitry, I believe. It’s been the same schematic for as long as I can remember. What causes that, I don’t know.

Spiders, centipedes, millipedes, ticks,  grasshoppers, June bugs, cockroaches, periwinkles,  house flies, potato bugs, those giant South American beetles that have that single horn in the middle of their head, ants, and anything else bug-wise that creepeth and/or crawleth along the ground. Scary.

If my phone rings I know its somebody who is going to tell me that I did something wrong. It’s the same if someone leaves a message saying, “Call me.”

Summer, 1952 or 53. Alta Lake, in Eastern Washington.

I can’t remember his name. Don’t know if I ever knew it. He was a teenager, kind of generic looking, but for some reason he gave me a creepy feeling when he was around. I was at Alta Lake with the Giddings family and he was the son of Gary’s parent’s friends. Gary, by the way, was my friend. At some point he (creepy guy) offered to teach me how to swim. I was about eight years old at the time and did not know how (afraid of the water, you see). I passionately did not want to be  his student but everyone else seemed to think it was a good idea. Being a compliant kid (afraid to express my fears or desires) I agreed to the tutorial…

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