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Feds Crucify Massey Energy Co.

Apr 5, 2010 … MONTCOAL, W.Va. — Rescuers held out slim hope Tuesday that four missing coal miners might have survived when a mine repeatedly cited for…

The Massey Energy Co. has been fined more than $382,000 in the last year for methane gas level violations and other safety problems. How is a guy supposed to make a living with the federal regulators breathing down his neck every friggen’ day? Pardon my French, but I’m steamed. Sure, 29 people died in early April. Too bad, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Do you know just how much money safe mine operations cost their owners? Too much. That’s how much.

I suppose the feds will stick the owner with another multi-thousand dollar fine. That’s what they do, meddle and fine, meddle and fine. When will it ever end?

It’s almost like the crucifixion…

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