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Crime in Beaverton, Oregon…Part Duex

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Warning: May I suggest at this juncture that you prevent anyone under 23 years of age from viewing the description that follows  lest they be corrupted or horribly maimed in emotion and/or spirit as a result of such viewing? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Once upon a time (February, 2010) there was a man panhandling in Beaverton Oregon, a city of upstanding, right living, folks.. On this particular day as he was holding his sign a truck stopped and the driver proffered a dollar bill.

Larry Reynolds, that is to say this unnamed crazed criminal, stepped one foot into the street to retrieve the dollar bill from the outstretched hand of the misguidedly generous citizen. My God! One foot into the street! Yes, dear reader, I said, “One foot into the street!” A searing mental picture. Forgive me for even uttering the words.

Perhaps, the crime spree of the new millennium. If not, close to it.

To be continued…

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