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Jeff and Some Others

Jeff Shaffer is the pastor of an amazing church in Pershing Park on the west (?) side of Santa Barbara. The other day he took me to meet some of his folks. The three guys were working their way through a bottle of cheap vodka, laughing and telling stories. Beautiful men clearly bearing the scars of an unfriendly world, yet they immediately accepted me as one of their own. Each one in turn expressed, with much affection, the fact that Jeff is his pastor.

crowd III

From time to time folks looking in from the outside suggest that Jeff (and HOMEpdx, for that matter) form them into a “real” church more along the lines of what you and I know. Just seems to be the right thing to do. Give them what we have.

Here’s what that type of thought process looks like to me: “Jeff (Ken, Kathy, Dustin), you have a beautiful, kaleidoscopic, organic, silk purse here. May we offer in it’s stead a sow’s ear just like the one we have?”*worship II


Jeff Shaffer (HOME, One-For-One, The Refuge, too) has stripped away everything about church that is unnecessary. All we have left is the love.

*What we do would clearly be a sow’s ear in another setting. Location. Location. Location.

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