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Walkin’ Tall

The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Chuck Norris has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood and tears. ( David Susskind, The New York Times) Chuck Norris invented water. (Isa 14:92 KJV) The temperature in Outer Southeast Portland: a scorching 95 degrees Fahrenheit. I swing […]

Assumed to Actual…Downer and I.

He’s completely ignoring me. I don’t exist. He won’t let me catch his eye. Old guy, sitting alone on the lawn. Yellow-brown stain down the right side of his whitish beard just below the corner of his mouth. Chewing tobacco. Wide brimmed hat and shades hiding his face. On purpose. Ratty pack within easy arm’s […]

The Real Deal

An achieved or actual relationship requires a mutual input of energy, from the inner selves of the participants, into the “communal pot”. It is typically more fluid, less role or stereotype driven, than an assumed relationship. Hierarchy, if that existed in the beginning, flattens over time. Growth of intimacy occurs in a slow, non-linear manner. […]

Assumed Relationship

An assumed relationship, for this discussion, is relatively shallow, often new, probably hierarchical and usually based upon stereotypes or roles with clearly understood parameters. This is the most common type of relationship between individuals or groups of differing social/economic classes It can be mutual but, more commonly, it’s one sided. It can be opened up […]

Two Types of Relationships

An assumed relationship (one based on stereotypes or even guesses) is impossible to compare with an achieved, or actual relationship because the one isn’t much of a relationship. At least, not in the sense of more or less intimate connection. Many (or most) of us don’t, in a given “relationship”, have the capacity to discern […]

It’s Upside Down

I suppose I could continue the charade a bit longer but I’m tiring of it and I suspect that you are to. So, what does corporate negligence have to do with loving people? What’s the big deal about Larry Reynolds and his ticket for stepping into the street? How does all of this impinge on […]

BP…A Modest Proposal

BP (formerly British petroleum) had just a bit of a woopsie in April of this year. Explosion. 11 dead. The fire. And a teeny, tiny, little leak coming up from the ocean floor. BP has been known as a caring, safety conscious company for years. Less than 50 deaths (well, maybe not many more than […]

Feds Crucify Massey Energy Co.

Apr 5, 2010 … MONTCOAL, W.Va. — Rescuers held out slim hope Tuesday that four missing coal miners might have survived when a mine repeatedly cited for… The Massey Energy Co. has been fined more than $382,000 in the last year for methane gas level violations and other safety problems. How is a guy supposed […]

US Gov. Unfairly Attacks Toyota

Apr 19, 2010 … Toyota agreed to pay a fine of nearly $16.4 million to settle a complaint that it failed to tell regulators of potentially dangerous defects…the defects included, but were not limited to, the gas pedal problems that have killed about 35 people, the skidding out of control problems and a myriad of […]

Crime in Beaverton, Oregon…A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal: Hear ye. Hear ye. Let it henceforth be known that the city of Beaverton, Oregon, a city of fine, upstanding, God fearing, American folk will no longer tolerate flagrant violations of righteousness and moral rectitude. From this day forward the crime of stepping one foot into the street while panhandling shall be […]

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