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Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #5

I just got a letter from a friend. As soon as I saw it in the mailbox I felt a stab of fear. Wonder what I did wrong. Lets see what it says: “Thank you Ken for your encouraging notes of love and appreciation. I am thankful to be your friend” Yeah, but what was […]

Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #4

I am not afraid of liver and onions (with catsup), however. I often go the Overlook Restaurant off Interstate: order a senior portion of the aforementioned gastronomical delights and,  quite literally, eat the whole thing! Bet you can’t say that. Sissy. When his purposes (at my tender age I could only guess what they were) […]

Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #3

I’m terrified that you will laugh at me if I make a stupid mistake. I’m afraid that you think I’m ridiculous already. … Snakes, lizards, newts, salamanders, frogs, toads. Oh, hell, all reptiles and amphibians. I could have a heart attack or maybe a stroke. Then you’d be sorry. Inevitably, of course, his hand found […]

Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #2

I’m afraid that you, or anyone else for that matter, won’t like me. Caterpillars, grubs, worms, maggots, you know, evil vermin; absolutely frightening, disgusting as well. Deborah has a worm farm, or rather, worm ranch. Perhaps the largest such spread in North Portland. I looked into their box (pasture? range? corral?) one day as she […]

Tales from the Hole #4 Fear #1

Let’s see now, where were we? Oh, yeah, I remember… I said that I am afraid of almost everything. That’s an accurate portrayal of my internal mental circuitry, I believe. It’s been the same schematic for as long as I can remember. What causes that, I don’t know. Spiders, centipedes, millipedes, ticks,  grasshoppers, June bugs, […]

Tales from the Hole #3 Reverie Interrupted

Hole in the Ground has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I can’t believe the clouds, majestic march across the sky…Oooo, I’m waxing poetic…what’s this? Dog poop? Here? Looks fresh. Maybe coyote. Gee, that would be awesome to see one. In the midst of my reverie I am startled by […]

Tales from the Hole. #2 Questions Without Answers

Here’s what I wanted to happen on my walkabout: I wanted God to show up and meet with me. I wanted to connect with The Creator’s earth. (what do our Native American friends know about creation that we Western Christians don’t? Lots.) I wanted to hear my new name spoken from God’s and I wanted […]

Tales from the Hole #1

A few months ago I came to the dawning realization that my life was stagnating a bit. “I know,” I thought, “I’ll get a new pair of shoes.” What better way to ward off a flattened out life than with a new pair of shoes? You get that, don’t you? So, off to Nordstrom Rack […]


Hey, Steve! This guy comes up to me on Sunday. Cledus? Jester? Jake? I don’t remember who, and said, “Wheels is dead.” Wheels? Wheels? I don’t know any wheels. “Sure you do, he was the guy with the hand truck, the furniture dolly, whatever you call it.” And then I knew. You are gone, dead, […]

Walkin’ Tall. Part two.

So I’ve talked to a few (four) folks since I published the original story a week or so ago. Out of a total readership numbering, oh, about seven, that’s a majority. My assumption was, and I emphasize the was part, that the subtle irony of the part true, part fiction account would be evident to […]

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